Help with Sountracks:

Q The music player covers the slideshow!:

Ans: reduce the screen, the slideshow may be behind... if not....


Q The music player covers the slideshow and is not in a separate screen! :

Ans: This happens with Quicktime, and is easy to fix...

1.go to the 'start' menu and select 'control panel'.

2.Next select 'Add or Remove Programs'.

3.Now select 'Set Program Access and Defaults'

4.Click the down arrow to the right of 'Custom'

5.Find 'Choose a default media player' and note which player is currentlly selected then ...

6.Change to a different player... most work well particularly 'windows media player' or 'RealPlayer'.

NB You can easily reverse this change if you so wish by going back though and reselecting the original player that was set... none of these changes are permanent.


Q None of that works...

Ans... I have no idea, but feel free to contact us! 01526 321 234


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