Hand-made Canvases:  If you have noticed the sizes of some of my canvases, you will see that I often like to work on large images.  Large canvases must be carefully made, to ensure they do not warp and are tight and durable.  I have purchased too many large canvases from other retailers which are difficult to paint on, as the canvas is slack and the cross bars touch the painting surface.  To ensure high quality, all the large canvases are made by hand.  The canvases are, themselves, works of art.

Cedar is used as it does not warp. Each piece of wood is sawed by hand and sanded, with perfect 45 degree angles.  They are welded at the corners by both strong adhesive and metal rivets front and back.  These are flush with the surface so that even the back of the canvas is totally smooth.  As the canvases are large, stabilising cross bars are placed centrally and at all four corners and also centrally; this ensures durability even with the tightest stretched canvas.  Finally canvas is stretched drum-tight and fastened posteriorly to ensure that the edges are smooth and clean; no fastenings can be seen from the front or side. The 2 central crossbars are placed either side of the center so that the canvas can be easily hung either portrait or landscape with no extra attachments necessary. The edges are deep 3D so that these canvases may be hung unframed.  This is often desirable with pictures of this size, as once framed they are extremely heavy.  Our canvases look perfect displayed with just their naked art... and their lightness means they can be hung on any wall from a single nail.  The canvas shown in the slideshow above is 68"x52".

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