Dear Tony and Friends!  I'm and currently loading some of the photos I took on the track day.  I was only really taking shots of my husband, so I'm really sorry if any of you find that you are not amongst the pictures.  Tony as you seemed interested in the photos, I have edited some of the shots of you so that you can see some of the different effects which are possible. I really hope you like them.  The gallery above is only shots of you and I have added some of the other boys below.  For the others, I have not edited them, but of course if anyone likes the pictures and would like copies, or some editing / special effects done, then I'd be happy to do them.  If you'd like me to come to a specific track day and the guys let me know who would like photos then I can concentrate on getting good ones for anyone who asks.  Feel free to call anytime (803 795 3612). Right at the end are a few that I took of Andrew... Hope you enjoy them all.
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