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Below are 3 slideshows demonstrating different restorative processes: 

Above is a demonstration of one restorative process.  This photograph has examples of several degenerative processes... it is faded, it has cracks across the surface and full thickness cracks through the lower half of the picture.  Some areas of detail on her face have been lost completely and the original photograph is very small which complicates the problem.  I have performed restoration work to this picture, and also enlarged it for framing. If you watch the changes carefully, you will see: 1. Healing of background outer cracks and tears 2. Healing of tears to surface of face 3. Some restoration of colour and contrast 4. Softening of cracks on face and tears near eyes and lips 5. Further colour restoration 6. Cropping for frame and 7. Further background soothing.... Great, Great Grandmother is now softened, healed and most importantly loved.  Restoring the lustor and depth of these old images seems to suddenly bring back some life to them and they become more real, more tangible.

Old pictures can mature like fine wine and each crack may be a thing of beauty. Personally I do not like to restore them to 'modern day quality' as although this is possible, they can lose much of their character.  I prefer to very gently work on specific areas of damage which detract from the subject and restore original contrast and colour without taking away all of the beauty of the age of the image. 

This picture was taken amongst others where there was no mist recalled or seen in the other photos.  Interestingly wolves also have a special significance to the woman who took this picture, so she asked if could enhance the picture so she could see the creature better through the strange mist. I really enjoyed gently encouraging it through the trees, it looks so etherial and yet clearly present....

Below is another example of restoration to an old and very damaged photograph. The bright orange spots had infiltrated the entire picture, particularly damaging to the baby's face. I have healed the spots, restored colour and contrast and created some artistic versions without the mattress line in colour, sepia and black and white for framing. This beautiful baby now looks heavenly healthy again...

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